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Remote answering services for Jamaican and international clients. Outsourcing partners for all call

The Remote Answering Service Team

Who We Are:

At Remote Answering Service we provide top-quality Answering services to Roadside Assistance companies. We are a cost-effective 24/7 call center solution for businesses.

We offer dispatch and towing services to Roadside Assistance and Towing Companies. Providing 24/7 support we ensure that your customers are always supported. We handle everything from call handling, dispatching, and billing on completed jobs. We provide call center services at an affordable rate to support your business at any level- startups and established businesses make up our customer base.

What We Do

Our HR Team employs experienced and well-trained professionals who provide quality service to all your clients. We operate a virtual call center with specialists based in different countries. We provide efficient service by promptly answering all incoming calls and routing calls where necessary to your predetermined personnel and phone numbers.  

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Why Choose Remote Answering Service

Values & Experience

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Fluent English Speakers

Outstanding Quality

At Remote Answering Service, we provide our clients with only the best Phone support representatives and Virtual Receptionists. Our team is diverse and international serving clients mainly in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Truly Top-Notch

We offer the best service at the most affordable rates. All our representatives have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the call center environment. Never miss a phone call again!

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Flexible and Scalable

Only the Best

Remote Answering Service can meet you where you are and scale with you as needed with flexible payment plans. We're the best answering service partner for businesses that desire a fully available and managed team.

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